Mergers & acquisitions

Are you considering to grow through acquisition rather than organically? ABIFAS can assist you in the process of acquiring a company in the EU. In some cases it can be less expensive to acquire an existing company, than to start your own subsidiary from scratch.

We use a 8 step method to guide our clients in this process:

  1. Determine specific requirements with regards to markets, products and services
  2. Identify potential target companies
  3. Asses strategic financial position & fit
  4. Prepare a go/ no-go decision document
  5. Contact with management/ owners target company
  6. Conduct company valuation
  7. Perform due diligence, negotiate a definitive agreement and execute acquisition
  8. Implement acquisition and monitor ongoing performance

ABIFAS starts by making a list of your specific requirements with regards to markets, products and services and other important factors. The next step is to identify potential target companies based on your criteria, which then in step 3 will be analysed for strategic financial position and fit. Our findings will then be presented to the clients in the form of a report in order to determine the go/ no-go decision. Based on that decision ABIFAS can than contact the target company and conduct the company valuation of the acquisition target(s). After this phase ABIFAS starts the negotiating phase with due diligence, determining the final agreement and execute the acquisition. The final step in the process is for ABIFAS to implement the new acquisition as per the agreed plan and monitor the ongoing performance.

ABIFAS, an independent company, will work with well-known professionals to achieve your merger and acquisition goals.